Hugh Grant Turns The Tables

GrantHave you heard the one about the journalist, the film star and the tape recorder? If you haven’t it’s a very good one and goes a little something like this:

Hugh Grant, star of Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral and victim in the News of the World (NoW) phone-hacking scandal has turned the tables on the paper and recorded a journalist in an article for the New Statesman. Last week’s edition of the magazine was guest edited by his ex-girlfriend Jemima Khan and the piece, which ran under the wonderful headline ‘The bugger, bugged’ has caused a lot of noise in the media.

Grant was talking to Paul McMullen, one of the two News of the World journalists who told of the paper’s phone-hacking. This, however is not the most interesting part, as McMullen made some very interesting claims about the people who supposedly knew about the paper’s behaviour, including a certain Mr David Cameron.

McMullen also said that Andy Coulson – former NoW editor – knew all about the phone-hacking and ordered it to make sure that the paper’s stories were true so they wouldn’t get sued over them.

So it turns out that tabloid journalists who use nefarious methods to expose the private lives of famous people, can’t be relied on to keep their mouths shut about their former employers when they think they might get something out of it.

Read the full transcript of Hugh Grant’s recording here.