Hugo To Leave Made in Chelsea For Something ‘Credible’

Hugo Taylor is to leave Made in Chelsea in the wake of his best chum Spencer’s departure, who left the show to find ‘love’ on Channel 5’s The Bachelor, after he was chucked off the Channel 4 show for doing cocaine.

“I think I might of outgrown the showâ€? the nightlife PR man told Now Magazine. “I’m 26 – the show works better with people under 24. It becomes harder to do these shows as you get older. I started thinking I need to do something credible that I’m proud of.â€?

It’s unclear what exactly the “credibleâ€? activity will be, although Taylor hopes it could be acting or directing – he intends to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, a notable (sort of) alumni of which is co-star Caggie Dunlop.

Taylor became a key player in Made in Chelsea, as his relationships with Millie and Rosie provided most of the bitching ammunition for most of the first two seasons of the opulent reality show. Now it seems that he is worried about being pigeon-holed as a reality TV star, saying it was one of his “main motivationsâ€? for leaving the show.

Reflecting on his time in the scripted-reality series, he said “I often look at what I’ve done and think, ‘S**t, did I completely sell out?’ Staying on Made in Chelsea and bitching about the colour of someone’s dress has started to become unimportant to me.â€?

It may be unimportant to him, but it’s still important to Made in Chelsea fans, who must be hoping nobody else ducks out before the next season returns.

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