Human Centipede 3 Crawls Into Production

The third and (thankfully) final, skin-crawling instalment of the Human Centipede franchise is on the move.

Centipede veteran Dieter Laser will return as goggle-eyed, sick surgeon, Dr Jospeh Heiter, and this time round maverick writer/director, Tom Six, will also play a supporting role.

British actor Laurence R. Harvey, who portrayed an equally deranged parking lot attendant called Martin in the second film, will also reappear.

The second gruesome film, Full Sequence, attracted plenty of attention when it prompted the BBFC to refuse certification on the grounds that it was “sexually violent and potentially obscene”; a move which could only ever have contributed boost its appeal to curious viewers.

Speaking to Empire, Six branded the certificate-denial debacle as “crazy”. He claimed that everyone was missing the film’s black humour, and said he was disappointed at the reaction from the country that gave the world Monty Python…riiiight.

He did, however, add that the third film, Final Sequence, would “upset a lot of people” and “make Full Sequence look like a Disney film”.

He also laid out his plan for the trilogy: “In the end the three films can be actually attached to each other, like the centipede: one big film of four and a half hours. That’s my goal.

“Each film is very different from the previous one. Two is totally different to one, and three will be totally different from both the others. I’m not telling you how. You have to find out. In space? I won’t say!”

According to film producer, Ilona Six, principal photography on Human Centipede mark three will take place this May and June in the southern states of the U.S. Six confirmed that the American finale of the series is set for a 2013 release and will be “100 percent politically incorrect.”