Severed Human Head Found Beneath Hollywood Sign

While we’re used to reporting on light-hearted casting decisions and rumours, occasionally we do have some serious news to relay.

A human head was found in a bag beneath the iconic letters of the Hollywood sign yesterday afternoon.

Two female hikers were out walking with nine dogs (as you do) at 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon when they discovered what appeared to be a male human head in a bag on the trail near Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills, a popular tourist destination.

“Two dogs were playing with it, and that’s when the dog walkers looked closer and realised it was a human head,” said Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Karen Rayner.

Police have said that they don’t believe it’d been there for a long time based on the fact that it had no animal bites on it. Special cadaver dogs were brought to the site to assist with a search for the body but the investigation stopped as dusk and will resume today.