“I Feel Such A Prat” Says Freddie After I’m A Celebrity Exit

Freddie Starr has made a dramatic exit from the I’m a Celebrity camp!

Astonishingly, chomping down a truly vile combination of pig anus and turkey testicle is not good for your health and following Starr’s spell in hospital, he has pulled out of the show.

“I feel such a pratâ€?, he said on last night’s ITV2 show. The reasons behind his illness are still a little mysterious, with Freddie saying “it might have been a snake bite or a spider bite…â€?

The comic, 68, had to be rushed to hospital after suffering what was thought to be an allergic reaction shortly after eating a foul meal of fermented egg and a camel toe.

Doctors have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of the apparent allergic reaction but one thing is crystal clear; the camp will be a worse place without the its Starr attraction.

He added: “I was sorry to hear the news about what the doctors said – that I was allergic to something, to play it safe and best for me not to go back in.

“ITV’s got a duty of care and it’s only right that the doctors advise them to keep me away from the jungle. It may not happen again but we’ll never know.â€?

In other jungle news, buff TOWIE star, Mark Wright, has admitted that he still has feelings for estranged girlfriend, Lauren Goodger.

In a heart-to-heart with Lorraine Chase and Crissy Rock, he blurted out: “I love her so much and if I kiss her I just want to get into bed with her.â€?

Fancy airing your dirty laundry in such a public way – I bet Goodger is mortified that her private life is being made into such a spectacle….