Iannucci Explains ‘In The Loop’ Follow-Up

Comedian300If you are a stranger to the world of Malcolm Tucker and the poor unfortunates that are forced to work with him, then please take a couple of minutes to enjoy some of Armando Iannucci’s finest work. Even if you are familiar with the crazed political attack dog, we’d recommend you indulge yourself again. What a great way to start a week..

There’s further reason for fans of the The Thick Of It and In The Loop to be smiling this afternoon as Iannucci has released details of his next film, Out The Window. The project will be “a slapstick comedy in the tradition of early Woody Allen” said the writer and director in an interview with The Guardian.

“It’s the story of a guy who works in a glass-fronted office building and one day he scratches his armpit. Somebody films it, puts it on YouTube with a soundtrack of monkey noises.”

“It ruins his life. So this guy spends the rest of the film trying to track down the b**tard who made him known the world over as Scratchy Monkey.”