Ice Warriors To Make Doctor Who Return?

We already know that the Daleks will be returning with a vengeance in the new series of Doctor Who, but Matt Smith has dropped a large hint as to which other Timelord-botherers we’ll be seeing.

There’s no actual quote to go on here, but apparently when asked if the Ice Warriors will be returning at an event in Birmingham, Smith smiled knowingly. Of course he may have just seen a trendy neckerchief shop, but we also know that a source spilled the same beans to the Daily Star last week. As far as we’re concerned, case closed.

The Ice Warriors made their first appearance in 1967 and went on to become second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)’s most-noted enemies (above). Check out the below video if you’re not old enough to remember.

Presumably Steve Moffat will be giving the Warriors a facelift this autumn, but the Doctor Who show-runner still hasn’t revealed his brand new scary monster. “It’s a good one” he said candidly.

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