“I’d Rather Have a Baby In Real Life!” Says EastEnders Lola Of Live Birth

With the Olympics just around the corner, EastEnders bosses are really spoiling fans this month. This week viewers have been a red button away from watching Billy Mitchell do his Olympic ting and next week we’ll be seeing Lola give birth live on air.

Not literally of course – the Ofcom switchboards couldn’t take the strain.

The tearaway teen will go into labour just as Billy dashes across the Square to carry the torch and Danielle Harold, who plays Lola told What’s On TV how nervous she is.

“I’m terrified! I’d rather have a baby in real life than do this live! But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it is nice of them to trust me with it,” the actress explained. “We’ve already filmed the lead-up to the birth and I was knackered after screaming and crying and pretending to push all day.”

Lola will be only the second actress to give birth ‘live’ in a soap after Fiz did the same in Coronation Street’s 50th anniversary special.

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