I’m a Celeb: Helen Flanagan’s Parents Query Daughter’s Kangaroo Anus Diet

The Mirror features a litany of choice quotes attributed to the stricken parents of I’m a Celebrity… star Helen Flanagan, who revealed they tried to talk her out of entering the show due to the delicacies on offer in the jungle.

Flanagans Julia and Paul, both 54, said that they had told their daughter they were afraid she wouldn’t be able to cope with camp life.

“I was really worried about her going in there because it’s not the nicest of environments at all,” said Mrs Flanagan. “I tried to persuade her not to go, even the week before I said, ‘Helen, you don’t have to do this you know… do you really think you could eat a kangaroo’s anus?'”

Showing a semblance of self-awareness so absent in their daughter, the Flanagans expressed their concern over the way Helen is being portrayed while in the jungle.

“We don’t think people are getting the right impression of Helen,” they explained. “The tasks are clearly taking their toll on her.

“She’s tired. They are not eating properly, which must be making things worse, and the public are just not seeing the right side of her.

Helen’s mother confirmed that the actress is not used to fending for herself and doesn’t cope well when she is forced to confront her fears.

“Helen’s a real girly girl and she likes her comforts but she has a number of phobias,” Mrs Flanagan said.

“She’s scared of the dark and even now has to have Harry Potter playing in the background when she goes to bed at night.

“It’s a comfort blanket for her. She’s also scared of spiders and heights.”

OTB just cannot understand why a arachnophobic, acrophobic fame-hungry D-lister would take part in such a lucrative show.