Im A Celebrity… ‘Dreary’, Says Titchmarsh

Daytime TV host and gardening legend Alan Titchmarsh has hit out at the jungle-based reality TV show ‘Im A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.’

Speaking to The Sun, he said “I think a lot of reality TV is puerile. I mean. Strictly Come Dancing is great – you learn how to dance. But to go to the other end, to put people in the jungle – I mean, I know it’s popular and people want to watch it, fair enough.

“But from my point of view it’s rather dreary. There’s a much more exciting life going on out there.â€?

Titchmarsh also said that he feels older viewers are being let down, with too few programmes aimed at them.

“I think the middle-aged audience is very badly served sometimes,â€? he said. “It’s treated abominably by broadcasters who just think that the only audience worth going for is youth.â€?

“I think advertisers underestimate the power of middle-aged and older people. Make your product good and convince them. As a viewer I get irritated when it’s geared all to the younger person.â€?

So, don’t watch I’m A Celebrity… because it’s dreary. Watch The Alan Titchmarsh Show instead, because that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Or maybe, take a stand for television’s sake and don’t watch either? The choices are endless.