“I’m An Idiot!” ..Things Get Tough As The Voice Battle Rounds Begin

Reality judges are constantly telling viewers ‘how difficult’ it is to choose between acts, but never has that truism been more evident than in last night’s episode of The Voice.

Danny O’Donoghue revealed that he fears he made a mistake by pairing hat-wearing Max Milner and Bill Downs – who had rearranged his wedding day so it would not clash with the show – together in the first set of Battle Rounds.

“The UK’s looking at me thinking I’m an idiot for putting them together and it was a stupid thing to do,” explained The Script front man. “Max, I have seen a spark in you but in rehearsals I saw how much Bill has come on which is why it’s such a hard decision.”

Personally, we thought he made the wrong call in that sing-off, but there can be no doubt that it was just one of several tough decisions for the four judges.

You can see ALL the battles below, but some of the other notable results saw Jessie J plump for alopecia-sufferer Toni Warne over Kirsty Joy after an impressve rendition of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’.

Early favourite Jaz Ellington also made it through in Will.i.am’s group despite suffering from bronchitis. His duel with a talented Jay Norton was arguably the best performance of the evening.

“You hit that one riff so hard that I hit my head because, pow, it knocked me out! If that’s what you sound like with bronchitis, then shazam!”