“I’m Not An A**ehole” Protests Timberlake

Timberlake greeted the press...
Timberlake greeted the press...
Hollywood is in shock this morning after reports that Justin Timberlake is in fact not a complete arsehole, gathered momentum.

“I’m not an asshole! Honest!” said Trousersnake in a specially arranged press conference. Yet most of the acting community remain completely unconvinced by his wild blusterings. In fact many of them consider him to be one of the biggest arseholes in Tinsel Town – and let’s face it they should know a thing or two about such categorisation.

“You put your heart on your sleeve, and what will happen will happen,” he added when beleaguered reporters queried his wild claims, before blathering on about the pressures of being talented. “But it’s like that for any artist. You do a painting, you take a photograph, its the same. That’s how artistry works.”

“Whatever you do as a musician, no matter how good it is, somebody somewhere is going to s*** on it,” he added after a woman mentioned the incident in which a film fan smeared a turd on a poster of The Social Network at last month’s Golden Globes.