Inbetweeners Creator Warns Fans Not To ‘Pre-Judge’ US Remake

The co-creator of The Inbetweeners has spoken out in defence of the American remake of the vulgar teen comedy.

Ian Morris (pictured here with fellow creator Damon Beesley), took to Twitter to urge fans to give it a chance, in a disturbingly poorly written tweet last night.

“i’m not going to comment on the american inbetweeners a lot because i have to use twitter for more interesting things like complaining but, the pilot director, taika waititi, has made consistently funny tv shows and one of my favourite films of all time in ‘Boy’.” He wrote.

Morris added; “Brad, the show runner, is a very funny man who has worked on Arrested Development and My Name is Earl, two shows i love. Damon [Beesley] and i didn’t have a lot to do with it because we wanted it to be different and american, and it is i think in a positive way.”

Urging fans not to “pre judge” the show, Morris took the oppurtunity to blast what he percieved as “anti-americanism”, saying that; “My wife is American, and she is as funny and clever as anyone i’ve ever met, so i don’t like or appreciate the anti-american stuff.”

Whilst we’ve seen the trailer (no thanks to MTV, who made it as difficult as possible for us in the UK) which isn’t too promising, it’s worth bearing in mind that the US adaption of The Office got off to a slow start for it’s first two seasons, before putting out excellent third, fourth and fifth seasons.

Besides, it looks a bit better then the shot for shot remake of Graham Linehan’s The IT Crowd, which was quite frankly, bizarre