Inbetweeners Duo Clinch New Series

Joe Thomas and Simon Bird

What do a bunch of clunge-seeking schoolboys do after making the grade?

Well, going on to write and star in their very own sitcom has been the confident next step of Inbetweeners duo Joe Thomas and Simon Bird, who have just landed a series for their First World War sitcom, Chickens.

The comedy series tells the story of three dozy conscientious objectors who have managed to avoid being shipped off to the limb-strewn battlefields of France. This fortunate turn of events, however, has left the three no-hopers stranded in a village of women who show no interest in them whatsoever.

“Essentially they’re three pathetic men who are struggling deal with the situation they find themselves in,” explained Simon Bird to OTB’s very own Sean Marland.

“It’s very much a modern comedy set nearly a century ago. The dialogue isn’t really of that time, innately quite a silly idea.”

The duo filmed a pilot episode, screened by Channel 4 last year, but the six-part series has now been picked up by Sky1 HD.

Sky’s head of comedy Lucy Lumsden said: “We have fallen in love with those naughty chickens. We are delighted to give such a talented bunch a home.”

Thomas and Bird shot to fame in 2008 with the release of The Inbetweeners, which gave rise to a hugely successful movie last year.

Speaking in September Joe Thomas said: “Me and Simon are very proud of what we’ve done with Inbetweeners, but we wanted to try and write something for ourselves.

“This time rather than being surrounded by beautiful girls who don’t get that many lines, there’s a nice mix and there are some great female characters who we’d love to develop if the series gets the green-light.”

Of course this venture has not been the Inbetweeners stars first TV foray since the end of the hit Channel 4 show.

Thomas was also seen last year in student comedy Fresh Meat, starring alongside comedian Jack Whitehall. Bird has also experienced success with awkward family sitcom Friday Night Dinner, which is due to return to our screens later this year.

Chickens will be aired on Sky1 HD next year.