Inbetweeners Series Four Rumours Are “Total B*llocks”

Rumours about a potential fourth series of The Inbetweeners have been quashed vigorously by the show’s writer.

According to Iain Morris, the stories about a TV return to Rudge Park Comprehensive are all “bollocksâ€? apparently.

The rumours emerged after Jay (James Buckley) – who ironically spends his entire time spouting fabricated rubbish in the show – told the Daily Star “we have to see what happensâ€? when asked about a fourth series.

“Maybe one of them dies and the other three have to join up for the funeral. But the question is: who are they gonna get rid of?â€?, he added, pouring metaphorical fuel onto the Daily Star’s smouldering ember of a story.

Co-writer Iain Morris has criticised the newspaper for “totally making upâ€? the story.

After being pestered by crazed fans on Twitter about whether the rumours are true, Morris finally broke his silence saying “is “total b*llocks’ succinct enough?â€?.

He then pointed out that the original story claimed Buckley spoke to the Daily Star while he was in America – and he hadn’t actually been there since last year.

He added, bashing angrily at his keyboard: “for those that care, the last time james was in the US was my wedding last year, so the story is either a; v old or b; totally made up.

“the thing about the daily star story is that people are getting excited, and now we look [like] a**eholes by just maintaining our position

“it’s really unfair of them, and i’m sorry if it got you excited. I really am. i seem to have disappointed quite a lot of people today by doing nothing. i’m genuinely sorry hopes were raised, but i didn’t raise them.â€?

The original three series of The Inbetweeners followed Will (played by Simon Bird) joining Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Jay their final few years at school and ran between 2008 and 2010. It spawned a hugely successful movie in 2011 which saw the lads off on a trip to Malia after their A-levels and grossed £45million at the box office.

What would we see in series four anyway? Simon filling in his tax returns with an erection perhaps?

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