What’s That? An ‘Innuendo-Less’ Quote About The Inbetweeners Film?

boatinbetweenersHere’s the good news: if you’re a fan of The Inbetweeners, we can reveal a snippet of new information about the upcoming film.

The bad news, is that it is a sound-bite completely lacking in any of the level of smut/ innuendo/ retelling of embarrassing scenes that we have come to love and expect from the boys. This coming from the actors who recently took part in a ‘rude trip’ for Comic Relief which saw them visit locations such as Fanny’s Lane and Sally Pussey’s Inn…

Joe Thomas who plays Simon (and whose sock clad/’stray ball’ nether regions will forever be engrained in our poor minds), has revealed that he has been taking diving lessons in preparation for a boat scene in the film (it couldn’t go much worse than his first attempt, pitcured above…)

Uh, is that it?

Thomas told The Sun (surely the Kings in drawing out any level of smut): “I want to make sure I can do it properly. I don’t want to get injured.

‘I’ve been practising on the five-metre board. I was going to go off the 7.5m platform but I have retired early because my shoulders were hurting.

“My coach taught Jason Statham when he was an international diver” he added.

Hmm, come on Joe, you’ll have to do better than that. The new film is set on a ‘lads’ holiday in Malia, so we just know there are some cringey tid-bits just waiting to come out (no, not like that…)

With filming now under way and scheduled for release on August 19th, we are sure normal service will be resumed shortly…