Industry Trust’s “Moments Worth Paying For Campaign” With New Battleship Footage

If you like something, presumably you’d be willing to pay for it?  Well, something that’s impossible to get at home is the sheer size and scale that a bloody big screen and a booming sound system can provide.

You’re probably not going to watch the latest Dardenne brothers film at the IMAX but when it comes to films that go boom, then you’re going to want some serious bang for your buck.

Well that’s what the Industry Trust reckon and that’s why in order to clamp down on copyright infringement they’re launching a campaign featuring trailers with the tagline “Moments Worth Paying For”. The first of which is Battleship which is out on April 11th.

Now granted this isn’t going to look as breathtaking on your home monitors but that’s sort of the point.  Get thee to a cinema and experience films as they’re meant to be seen.  Whether Battleship’s worth paying for is another matter entirely…