ITV Apologises For Frankie Cocozza’s Obscene Outburst

ITV has apologised for Frankie Cocozza’s bad behaviour AGAIN, despite the fuzzy-haired rascal not having made an official screen appearance for months.

Ofcom has now ruled that bad boy Cocozza’s obscene outburst on the main X Factor show back in October should have been dealt with more swiftly by the channel.

Ironically, we think it was one of his more reserved outings.

The young “star” blurted out, “F***ing have it, get inâ€?, when he found out that he had survived the public vote on a live Saturday night show.

Despite an apology being made on the later ITV2 show, the media regulator has suggested that the choice language was “particularly unacceptable in the context of a programme that attracts a substantial family audience.â€?

The apology occurred roughly 44 minutes after the incident, and on a different channel. Not much good to the scores of families concerned about the susceptible ears of their offspring.

Ofcom added that it was “particularly concerned that a high-profile live programme such as this did not already have adequate systems in place to monitor the transmission output of the programme as it was broadcast.

“We considered that in this instance the offensive term was clearly audible to viewersâ€?.

In a statement, Channel Television, which compiles The X Factor for ITV, said: “Had we appreciated that the comment was audible to viewers, we would have asked [presenter] Dermot O’Leary to make an immediate apology.â€?

For Frankie’s existence in general? Or are we still just talking about the swearing…?

If you missed it…watch below. WARNING: Contains a swear word AND Frankie Cocozza’s face.