ITV Bans Stars From Mentioning The Voice UK

Don't mention the....Voice

In the latest bid to achieve Saturday night success over BBC1’s The Voice, ITV bosses have banned all its stars from mentioning the rival show.

The Mirror reports that numerous interviews and features about the show, scheduled for programmes such as Daybreak and Loose Women, have now been axed.

ITV traitor Holly Willoughby has apparently been told, in no uncertain terms, that she is not to discuss her appearance on the BBC talent show.

An ITV source said: “Instructions have come from the very top at ITV – nothing on the network is allowed to promote The Voice in any way.

“The bosses have gone ballistic that shows on our channels have been plugging a rival. ITV are doing everything they possibly can to make sure The Voice isn’t the huge hit the BBC hopes for.”

Danny O’ Donoghue, who was scheduled for an interview on Daybreak this morning, was reportedly rebuffed at the last minute as the news instructions circulated.

Before running down the corridor chanting “na na na-naaa-naâ€?, another ITV insider said smugly: “The BBC regularly bans our stars from promoting ITV shows on their channel.”

Both Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice launched on Saturday (March 24) to huge ratings, but since Saturday, The Voice has beaten its ITV rival in terms of online searches.