iTV? How Steve Jobs Tried to Buy Our Third Channel

It has emerged that Steve Jobs, the enigmatic head of Apple who never seems to change out of his trademark turtleneck jumper, approached ITV a few years back to add the channel to his company’s product portfolio.

Jobs called up John Cresswell, then Michael Grade’s right-hand man at the channel, out of the blue to put across his proposition: ”Hi John, it’s Steve here, from Apple. We’ve got iTunes, the iPod and I’d like ITV as well.”

Don’t worry though – an Apple dominated ITV channel with a touchscreen touting Rovers Return and an iPad packing Downton Abbey ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, as it appears Jobs was only after the name of the station for Apple’s new TV based product.

However the Californian company didn’t get their way, with ITV deciding that it would be too much of a headache to rebrand themselves as Channel 3 after years of infighting between Granada and Carlton. Jobs, tail between legs, had to call his new product Apple TV, which hasn’t been as successful as the company would have hoped. Could the i have made the difference? iDon’t know…