ITV Planning X Factor ‘For Dogs’

A new reality talent show is soon to scamper onto our screens…and this one will be on the hunt for a PUP idol *guffaw*.

A number of pooches will be going head-to-head in an X Factor stylee, when they compete for the title of “Top Dog”.

The Sun’s TV Biz has revealed that a new show – with the inspired title of Top Dog Model – will award the winner a doggy modelling contract and, perhaps, a lifetime’s supply of squeaky toys.

A source said: “The challenges are to test their suitability as models — so they may be tested on working with other animals, intelligence, obedience etc. It’s all very light hearted with the devotion between the owners and their pooches at the centre of it. Never has there been a more apt moment to launch a show like this.

“With Uggie stealing hearts at the Oscars, Schmeichel being missed on Corrie, Gin on BGT and the Duchess of Cambridge’s Lupo, Britain loves man’s best friend. Top Dog Model seeks to find a true doggie star — the new Cindy Pawford, Claudia Sniffer or Elle Macfurson.”

Judges rumoured to be under consideration include Jonathan Ross (who lost his pooch last year), Sharon Osbourne (who is half-canine) and Mr Cowell (no explantion). Krufts eat your heart out, this show is to be all flashing lights and doggy sob stories a la its ITV X Factor cousin.