ITV Seeks “X Factor” Replacement?

It’s been alleged that ITV are seeking a replacement for the X Factor. A source told the Daily Star that bosses are on the hunt for similar saturday night flagship shows, amid fears that the Cowell vehicle cannot sustain itself indefinitely.

“Over the past few years Simon Cowell has been the main source for many of our top hits but some feel that we’ve got too many eggs in one basket and we’ve become too reliant on one manâ€?, the source said.

The eight series of the talent show was shown last year, but ratings took a big hit – perhaps because Cowell, Dannii Minogue, and Cheryl Cole declined to appear on the judging panel. ITV appears to have adopted a pragmatic attitude, with the source saying “”X Factor has had a brilliant run, but no show lasts for ever.â€?

Now, panic is setting in, as ITV commissioners rush to find a replacement for the show, as Cowell’s contract with the broadcaster expires in 2013. Elaine Bedell, ITV’s director of entertainment said that they were “hungry for a big prime time showâ€?, but lamented that “We’re not getting enough ideas put forward… The ideas need to have the production values of the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and I’m A Celebrity and they need a major piece of talent.â€?

After the BBC’s chief rival to The X Factor “The Voiceâ€? suffered from steadily dropping ratings, perhaps audiences have tired of the talent show format. ITV hopes not, as they have assured viewers that The X Factor will be around for the foreseeable future.

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