ITV To Get Dino Documentary

A new 90-minute documentary about a young dinosaur migrating to escape a polar winter has been snapped up by ITV.

March Of The Dinosaurs, produced by Wide-Eyed Entertainment and narrated by Stephen Fry will take viewers on ‘an emotional rollercoaster’ as the programme follows the young dinosaur’s progress.

James Jasper, CEO of Wide-Eyed Entertainment said: “There extreme lifestyle of these animals has only just come to light through the latest scientific discoveries. To ensure authenticity, a panel of Canadian, American and British palaeontologists has been scientific advisors for the project. Many a show has claimed to be a new take on dinosaurs but this actually does take factual TV somewhere it’s never been before.â€?

We don’t know about you, but the promise of a journey on the fabled ‘emotional rollercoaster’ has us considering what other wonders lie in the land of cliché, which is presumably where this ‘coaster begins.