ITV To Switch Chiles & Bleakley To Evening Slot After Daybreak ‘Disaster’?

The latest rumours to emerge from the troubled Daybreak camp suggest that bosses will look to switch hosts Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley to an early evening slot and replace them with “lesser known” faces in a show revamp.

Almost a year after hitting our screens, ITV’s breakfast show has received widespread criticism from viewers and never managed to capture the same ratings as its predecessor GMTV achieved.

Now it is thought that channel bosses are looking to remove the two hosts and use them to present a ‘One Show-style’ programme in the early-evening slot.

This way ITV would not have to pay the pair expensive compensation packages after canceling their contracts and would look to recreate a formula that has proven very succesful in the past. Meanwhile Daybreak would gain two new anchors, with plans to relaunch the breakfast show as more news-focused, if the changes were to go ahead.

“Using lesser known faces could well be the key,” an insider told The Mirror. “As we’ve learned from experiences on TV-am and GMTV, and now with Daybreak, parachuting in big stars with a huge fanfare isn’t popular. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

“BBC Breakfast is doing really well because it gives people what they want in the mornings – the news. The good thing for us is they’re about to shoot themselves in the foot by shifting their very successful show up to Manchester, losing half the production team, several presenters and very possibly most of their guests. This is the perfect time to revamp Daybreak and take them on.”