Ivan Reitman On Ghostbusters 3

GBIvan Reitman’s been busy promoting his new comedy No Strings Attached (a story which seems eerily similar to Friends With Benefits also released later this year) and with it comes the chance to ask him about Ghostbusters 3. And it turns out that almost nothing we’ve heard about the movie is true.

“There is almost nothing that is accurate online about that film. There is nothing… I mean, all these stories… there has been a ton of stuff about casting, about who’s in… None of it is true,”

Reitman was also keen to rebuff rumours that Bill Murray (who has the final say on the making of the movie) hated the script, “We have a really good script, but Bill Murray has to read it. He hasn’t read it. There has been all kinds of chatter online about him reading it and not liking it. He has not read a thing. He’s never read anything. And I just sent it to him. So we’ll see. God knows how long that will take. But we’ll see.”

Seems that the only things he can tell us for sure are what we already knew, ““Sigourney Weaver has a role in this movie. All the original characters have parts. As well as a whole bunch of new characters.”

But while downplaying a lot of the rumours, he was also keen to talk up the writing on the new film, “It’s got a really good story, this one. Maybe the best of the whole series. I hope we get to do it”.

“Best of the series”? Now that is a big claim considering the original is one of the most beloved comedies ever made. Any sequel certainly has big shoes to fill. We’ll let you know when we have anything more concrete than a poltergeist’s shadow.