Jackass’s Steve-O Arrested In Canada

steve-o210Jackass’s Steve-O was incarcerated this weekend as he left a plane at Calgary International airport. Officials determined that there was an outstanding eight-year arrest warrant for the professional pain monkey, under his real name of Stephen Glover.

Apparently the warrant stems from an incident in 2003 where the 36-year-old assaulted someone.

Steve-O, who was in town for stand-up shows at The Laugh Shop, was briefly jailed and then brought before a judge who set his bail at $10,000. This was quickly paid and he was released back into the wild.

There’s no word on who Steve-O assaulted but it was with an “unknown” object – quite what that signifies we’re not sure, could it have been a Jackass stunt gone wrong?

Steve-O’s lawyer or rep haven’t commented as he’s also on probation for a felony cocaine charge. We’re guessing that brains aren’t really a prerequisite for being dragged behind a boat as human bait for sharks. His Canadian court case is up in May.