Jai Courtney To Die Hard As McClane Jnr.

After a talent-trawl of gargantuan proportions, the team behind the next instalment of the Die Hard franchise have found what they were looking for.

Not a pair of shoes and a long-sleeved shirt for John McClane, but a young man worthy of playing the all-action hero’s son, Jack.

Jai Courtney, young Aussie actor of Spartacus: Blood and Sand fame (see Roman pecs right), will be starring alongside Willis in A Good Day To Die Hard which is due for release in 2013.

The film will see the father and son duo heading out to Moscow to tackle some nasty gangsters. Rather predictably, Jack is just much of a macho man as his testosterone-fuelled father. But with several years of estrangement creating a chasm between them, there is sure to be plenty of playful banter (and perhaps the odd jovial kneecapping) before this pair resolve their issues and play nicely.

A-Team and Swordfish writer, Skip Woods, penned the script for this next action-packed outing and Max Payne director, John Moore will be wielding the megaphone.

The cheeky bunch have already set the date for the film’s release as February 14, 2013 – a fact which is likely to result in several relationship dying hard alongside the film’s evil villains.

Courtney has just finished work on a small role in One Shot opposite Tom Cruise and he’s also set to star alongside Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein.