Jake G To Face His Own Enemy

After committing a cinematic hit and run which left Motor City gasping for breath, and desperate for a new lead, Jake Gyllenhaal is already deep in talks with Denis Villeneuve for a part in An Enemy.

The story revolves around a miserable, dysfunctional history teacher who accidentally discovers his exact double on a rented DVD…(and he is making love with Heath Ledger).

The teacher’s insatiable curiosity leads him to the door of the doppelganger and a whole heap of psychological doo doo.

What’s more, the mysterious double isn’t credited on the film – suggesting that Jake will be doing an Eddie Murphy on our asses.

Javier Gullon has adapted Jose Saramago’s novel The Double for the film, which is not Villeneuve’s only iron in the fire; he’s also developing kidnap drama Prisoners, with Hugh Jackman lined up to star.