Jake Kasdan To Make Sex Tape With Jason Segel

At the rate this site is going if it was a real sex tape, I’d end up reviewing it by the end of the week. Anyway…Jason Kasdan isn’t going to be bumping uglies with Jason Segel, he’s just taking over directorial duties from Nick Stoller on the comedy.

Last year, there was news that Reese Witherspoon would be starring alongside Segel as a married couple who can’t get any time to themselves. When they get the night off from their kids, they decide to make things a little more interested by filming their antics.

The next morning, they wake up to find that the tape’s gone missing, leading to a frantic search to get it back. Sounds a little like the premise of Road Trip without infidelity and Tom Green getting bitten by a python…

It looks like Reese Witherspoon’s passed but Cameron Diaz has been rumoured to replace her which would mean that she’d be reunited with both her Bad Teacher co-star and director. All we need is Justin Timberlake and Lucy Punch and we’ll have the whole set.

Kasdan meanwhile has been focusing on TV rather than film, directing Zooey Deschanel comedy New Girl. More news and confirmation as we get it.