James Cameron To Work On Myth

Jamesc21020th Century Fox is in talks for a project which could reunite James Cameron with Sam Worthington with the added explosions of Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure. Cameron won’t be behind the cameras though, he’ll simply be serving as executive producer and Worthington is only signed up to be a producer on the project.

Myth, a script written by Will Staples will be big and it’ll be sci-fi. That’s disappointingly all the information there is about the project so far so what was it that tempted James Cameron away from his busy schedule? After all, he’s still writing the back-to-back sequels to Avatar and producing the new version of Fantastic Voyage, so it’s not as if he’s sitting about twiddling his thumbs.

It says a lot for his faith in Will Staples who (with writing partner Sean O’Keefe) has written Apaches for Disney, World’s Most Wanted for Universal. But Staples is best known for writing video games, most notably the massively successful Call Of Duty series, so big things are expected for this project.

More info when we get it but as it’s at the early stages, everything’s subject to change.

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