James McAvoy Slips Into Danny Boyle’s Trance

mcavoy210James McAvoy is the latest star to be attached to the lead role of Danny Boyle’s next film Trance. That’s a bit of turn around as last month, McAvoy’s X-Men: First Class co-star Michael Fassbender was up for the role.

The heist movie will see gang leader (McAvoy) planning a robbery with a art auction house assistant. But things go awry when the assistant gets hit in the head and lose his memory which leads the gang to try to extract the information on the stolen painting’s location using a hypnotist.

Trance is on a very strange production schedule and Boyle will be shooting it at the end of this year only to let it mature on the shelf like a cinematic cheese as he co-ordinates the London 2012 Olympics. When that’s all done, he’ll dust the film off and whisk it down to the editing suite for a planned March 2013 release.

McAvoy meanwhile will be kept busy by his work on CG movie Arthur Christmas and crime thriller Welcome to the Punch alongside Mark Strong, Jason Maza and Andrea Riseborough.