James Nesbitt Denies Gross ‘House’ Plagiarism

Nesbitt was proud of his first script..
Nesbitt was proud of his first script..
Irish hobbit James Nesbitt has reacted angrily to accusations that his new ITV show is a House rip-off, indeed he could be seen limping after reporters and waving his walking stick furiously.

Debuting this Thursday, Nesbitt has claimed that Monroe is not an English version of the popular American series starring Hugh Laurie, but a programme about a prodigiously talented neurosurgeon who tells it like it is, fears no one, pisses all over the rule book, harbours serious emotional scars and shares sexual chemistry with one of his colleagues. We’re glad he cleared that up for us..

“I’m hoping that my performance, Pete Bowker’s writing and the very difference in the characters will dispel thoughts that we have copied House,” said Nesbitt optimistically.

“Monroe thinks, in a way, that he is God,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “He thinks he’s the best of a very defined and brilliant profession, the surgeon is God but everyone has a role to play and he is very aware of that.”