Jason Bateman For The Insane Laws

jason210It’s going to be a busy year for Jason Bateman, what with Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up out soon (not to mention the Arrested Development movie which is in the pipeline for 2012). Well, he’s all set to add more to his workload as he’s in early talks with Vince Vaughn to star in The Insane Laws (Worst. Title. Ever.)

He’ll play Vaughn’s best friend who he’s been inseparable from since college. They’re all grown up now, having got married and had kids but their friendship is put to the test when Vaughn’s daughter falls pregnant and none too coincidentally reveals that she’s in love with Bateman’s son.

Jeremy Garelick’s writing the script and stepping behind the camera for the first time. He’s not got much under his belt but he did write Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston vehicle The Break-Up, so he’s got previous with Vince and it’s not surprise that Bateman’s being considered having worked with Vince several times in the past.

Planned shooting will start at the end of the year if Bateman signs on the dotted line.

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