Jason Clarke To Hunt Bin Laden For Kathryn Bigelow

Osama Bin Laden is possibly the best (worst?) baddy of all time.

Forget the diamond-studded faces of previous Bond villains. Forget even Alan Rickman’s dodgy German accent as a money-hungry terrorist.

Bin Laden was a real life super villain with pure evil and a contempt for humanity coursing through his veins. He killed thousands of innocent Americans, blew up three sky scrapers and lived in a secret hide-out for ages.

Generating audience hatred towards this particular mass murderer would not be a challenge if he were to be translated into film.

What’s that? He IS going to be a cinema super-baddy? Kathryn Bigelow, military movie virtuoso is directing? And now Jason Clarke is in the frame for a leading role?

Clarke, of TV’s The Chicago Code, has replaced Joel Edgerton as favourite for a lead role in Bigelow’s latest military thriller.

Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Rooney Mara and Edgerton’s Warrior co-star Tom Hardy are also favourites for the film, which remains untitled.

Although Bigelow announced the project some time ago, pre-assassination in fact, the pressure is now on to get the show on the road before other projects get up to speed.

She’ll reunite with Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal to recount the efforts of SEAL Team Six, who tracked the Taliban leader to Pakistan and eliminated him in his private residence