Jason Statham For Burt Reynolds’ Heat Remake

For baldy-bonced hardman Jason Statham’s next trick he will turn his attention to a remake of the Burt Reynolds’ 1986 film Heat (not to be confused with the 1995 Michael Mann film of the same name).

William Goldman who wrote the original script and will be updating the story to a modern setting and Brian De Palma will be behind the camera.

The story follows a recovering gambling addict (Statham) who makes his living providing protection in the gambling world and refuses to use a gun but intead relies on his fists and knives.  But when a friend is brutally beaten by a mobster, he goes on a quest for revenge.

Statham’s no stranger to remakes having starred in a retooling of The Mechanic which originally starred Charles Bronson and stepping in for Sylvester Stallone in Paul WS Anderson’s 2008 remake of Death Race.

Meanwhile, we’ll see Statham again for Safe which is out in May and The Expendables 2 which is out later this year and actually looking rather good despite a reported PG-13 rating.