Jason Statham For Fast And The Furious 6?

Fast And Furious 6: Meathead Challenge is getting underway and brand new grist to the rumour mill has been provided in the shape of scowling baldy bloke Jason Statham.

The Twitch are reporting the rumour from “an unknown source”, so this is probably as reliable as a Terry Gilliam project but hey, it’s still food for thought.

Apparently Universal are also looking to shoot the sequels back to back and as they’re moving to Europe, the Stath makes good sense. They also speculate that Justin Lin’s departure from Terminator 5 due to scheduling confilcts could be due to the two sequels, something which does indeed seem to fit the bill.

Let’s hope it true anyway – Lin’s must better suited to directing sweaty muscle men chasing each other in fast cars than he is to killer robots from the future (although they’re arguably the same if you count Vin Diesel *boom boom, tish*)

Well, for now let’s all have a nice think about what Stath could bring to the table when Fast 6 (or whatever it’s called) hits our screens in 2013.