Jaume Collet-Serra & Bradley Cooper For ‘Here Be Monsters’?

After spending the last year or so trying to turn Akira into a real-life movie, Juame Collet-Sera has given up for the time being and turned his attention to Here There Be Monsters a sea creature adventure movie that’s been waiting for development for years.

The man who brought us Orphan, Taken and several other films with one word titles has put Akira on the back-burner while it sorts out its spiralling budget costs and deals with the tsunami of anger from fanboys who think the live-action incarnation is heresy.

..Monsters follows a man from the American Revolutionary War called John Paul Jones, who is relieved of his naval commission and hired by a shipping tycoon to investigate the disappearance of his ships in the North Atlantic. We reckon it might be monsters. Giant Squids in fact..

Bradley Cooper’s name is being thrown about as the sea captain in question. Maybe that’s how he’ll wake up after his binge in The Hangover 3?