Jedward Reveal Even They Don’t Know ‘Which One’s Which’

Most members of the public are unable to distinguish between X Factor urchins John and Edward Grimes, but this morning we can exclusively reveal that even the boys themselves have no idea which one of them is which.

The pair are rarely separated and have seen their popularity soar in recent weeks as they edge towards victory on FIVE’s inaugural Celebrity Big Brother.

If they do win it will be the first time a hybrid being has claimed the award in the show’s mildly-prestigious history. But viewers were shocked when cameras recorded a late night discussion between the pair in which they attempted to work out which one of them was which yesterday.

The Irish twins became embroiled in a heated debate after both of them claimed to be ‘John’ – programme bosses were unable to help them settle the dispute. The argument was left unsettled as the pair went to bed although both were heard mumbling that they were “So John..” as they fell asleep.