Jeff Goldblum To Cameo As Gay Dad In Glee!

The Gleeks will go crazy for Goldblum
In one of the most inspired TV casting decisions ever made, Jeff Goldblum has been cast as Rachel’s adoptive gay father in an upcoming episode of Glee.

He will share the paternal role with a fellow on-screen lover played by Brian Stokes Mitchell (Kiss Me Kate).

The pair will play the main parts of Hiram and LeRoy Berry in Glee‘s special Valentine’s Day episode entitled “Heart”.

Everyone loves Jeff Goldblum – even if you don’t know it yet, you do – and his appearance as all singing, all dancing Mr Berry should do his popularity yet another dose of the fantastic. Best known for his acting work in Law and Order: Criminal Intent and, of course, Jurassic Park, Goldblum is in fact a jazz Pianist as well. What a man!

Back in 1971 he made his Broadway debut with the Two Gentlemen of Verona but be assured, this man has not lost his touch. His tinkling of the ivories, as seen below, is extremely impressive and we can’t wait to see what deadpan hilarity he can bring to the popular US TV series.

Brian Stokes Mitchell has also had his share of the Broadway spotlight, having taken to the floorboards several times over his career. Fromn the world of TV, you might recognise him from such shows as Frasier and Ugly Betty.

Glee’s executive producer Ryan Murphy confirmed earlier this month that he was on the hunt for two actors to play Rachel’s dad and apparently Sir Elton John was in the frame at some point.

But Murphy later revealed that the music legend was unavailable due to his hectic touring commitments.At least we get Jeff.

Don’t believe that Goldblum could BE any more talented – well check this out: