Jeremy Clarkson Vs. The BBC

Jeremy Clarkson vs BBC

By now almost everyone has heard the news that the BBC has fired Jeremy Clarkson as a host of the highly rated show, Top Gear. For those that don’t know the show, it is about the three hosts traveling around the world, testing out cars and experimenting with extreme stunts and challenges in said cars. It’s every thrill seeker’s dream show.

However, things have gone off course as BBC kicked Clarkson off the show after allegedly reporting a producer of the show. This is apparently not his first account of being violent towards other staff members.

What’s interesting about this move is that the affects seem to be worse off for the BBC than for Clarkson. Some fans have vowed to stop watching the show, while others have criticised BBC for firing the most right-winged host of the three. It looks like their motto for a balanced network is tipping more left than ever.

This prompts the question, will Top Gear survive without Clarkson?