Jeremy Paxman Takes Pay Cut For Renewed BBC Deal (But Don’t Worry, He’ll Still Earn £3.2 million)

Spare a thought for Jeremy Paxman in these hard-up times. It has been reported that the Newsnight and University Challenge presenter’s new deal with the BBC involves a 20 per cent pay cut, proving that in these financially unstable times, no one is safe.

Yep; those tight wads at the BBC are only giving him £3.2 million in exchange for a four year deal, when his previous contract had him on £1 million a year.

We know what you’re thinking: talk about stingy…

This comes after the outspoken host recently caused controversy by writing in the final Newsnight daily email: “The time has come to put this exercise in fatuousness out of its misery. The reason for killing it off is straightforward – it’s crap. A carrier pigeon would have been quicker.

“It was dreamed up – like so many other utterly brilliant initiatives – by visionary senior management.”

Let’s hope that he took to news of his cut a little kinder…