Jesse Eisenberg To Rob Banks As A Magician

jesse210Louis Letterier (Clash Of The Titans – *hawk*, spit) and Summit Entertainment have been looking around for quite some time to find a leading man for their magicians heist project, Now You See Me. They’ve snared Jesse Eisenberg who’s agreed in principle to take the lead role (what does “in principle” mean anyway? Did he say yes after a beer or something?).

They’ve offered the other lead to Jake Gyllenhaal who should still be riding high after the excellent Source Code. Summit had previously been interested in Colin Firth, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey and Hugh Grant but have now decided to go with a younger cast.

The script will be a thriller in which the world’s greatest illusionists pull off bank heists in their spare time, showering their ill-gotten gains on their audiences. Naturally, the FBI get involved prompting a cat and mouse chase which will no doubt feature more sleight of hand that the 2004 US election.

Apparently, everything still in the early stages and no one’s signed anything, so it could all vanish into thin air at any time.

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