Jessica Chastain For Iron Man 3?

Shooting’s about to kick off for Iron Man 3 but it’s still magnetically attracting cast members. Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce are close to signing on, but now it looks like it’s added a fresh battery of star power in the shape of Jessica Chastain.

Chastain, who was in more movies last year than you’ve had hot dinners, including The Tree Of Life, The Debt, Take Shelter and The Help (for which she received an Oscar nomination), was in talks previously, but had a few diary conflicts. Those have now been resolved, so the offer’s wide open.

No detail so far on who’ll she’ll be playing, but Deadline have it that she’ll be playing a sexy scientist and intellectual rival to Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark – a love rival to Pepper Potts perhaps?

Iron Man 3‘s scheduled release is May 3 2013. In the meantime, catch Iron Man in Avengers Assemble out on Thursday. That’s an order.