Jessie J To Leave The Voice UK?

Despite Beeb boss Danny Cohen’s desire to keep hold of all four members of his The Voice UK judging panel, it has emerged that Jessie J may have other plans.

The raven-haired pop princess has booked a UK tour for next year – at the same time as filming on the show is due to take place. With conformation of the planned tour arriving a day after the BBC1 boss said he would “love all our judges to come backâ€? to return for season two of the show which is already planned for next year.

Even her Twitter account has now confirmed the tour of 14 arenas across the UK – and Twitter can’t be wrong.

Adding further fuel to a fire which was started by the 24-year-old singer, who reportedly admitted to a friend that it may be time to leave, the BBC now faces the prospect of losing two judges with Tom Jones saying he will only stay if Jessie does.

Last week, Jessie apparently told a friend: “Maybe it’s time for album No?2 and a lot less bull. I can’t seem to win. I’m not sure I want to come back to this.â€?

Getting wind of flighty Jessie’s plan to abandon ship, Cohen reportedly offered to double her 200k salary if she agreed to stay on as a coach. But thus far, there have been no official statement from the J-camp as to whether she will remain in the chair.

A BBC insider said yesterday: “It is too soon to know what might happen with next year’s show.â€?

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