Jim Jarmusch Gets His Teeth Into Tom Hiddleston

Bloody vampires, they’re everywhere.  With everyone seemingly out to stake out their own version of a vampire story, Jim Jarmusch has assembled an all-star cast for his next project – a vampire romantic drama called Only Loves Left Alive and he’s just nailed War Horse/Thor star Tom Hiddleston down for a lead role.

Already on board are Tilda Swinton (last seen in the brilliant We Need To Talk About Kevin for which she was stunningly denied an Oscar nom and with whom Jarmusch collaborated with on The Limits Of Control), screen veteran  John Hurt and Mia Wasikowska.  Hiddleston joins following Michael Fassbender’s departure  – shame really (ba dum tish), as The Fass would have made a perfect vamp.

There’s very little known about the plot save that it involves two vampires (Wasikowska and Hiddlestone presumably) who have been in love for centuries.  With Jarmusch’s characteristic minimalist style (and awesome hair), it sounds to me like it could be a winner.