JK Rowling and the TV Movie: Potter Author Biopic Planned

poppy300With the final Harry Potter film etching a large dollar-shaped outline on the horizon, we were wondering just how long it would take someone to find a new way of attaching a film to one of the most successful franchises in the history of recorded time. Accio Biopic!

Yes reports are circulating that the life story of Potter author JK Rowling is about to become a TV movie, with filming set to begin in Canada next month. This news already puts the project in question however, as Rowling never spent any large part of her life in the country. Hmmm..

Our suspicions were also raised by the fact that Hollywood actress Poppy Montgomery (pictured) – who stars in TV series Without A Trace – is due to take on the role of author who wrote much of the book series while living in Edinburgh.

Titled Strange Magic, the film will follow Rowling’s 10-year rise from a struggling single mum on benefits to a global phenomenon worth about £500 million. No surprise that this one is unauthorised..