JK Rowling To Recreate Hogwarts in her Back Garden For £2m

JK Rowling has finally been given permission to recreate a small part of Hogwarts in her garden.

The world’s most successful author (barring God, Muhammed and Chairman Mao – who basically made the whole of China buy his book) first lodged her plans with Edinburgh City Council last year and planning pen-pushers have finally green-lit her project.

She is now free to construct two 40ft Hogwarts-inspired treehouses beside her £2m Edinburgh mansion. They will look something like the photos seen below, which show treehouses commissioned by other rich parents designed by the company thought to be constructing JK Rowling’s.

The plans had initially been met by protests from other residents who complained that Rowling’s building would be visible from outside the property due to the removal of trees.

Secretary of the Cramond and Barnton community council, Dr Patricia Eason, wrote, “Our concern is that without this high and substantial screening belt of conifers, the entrance to the conservation area would be marked by this massive and very high tree house development and this would be quite out of character with the area and unacceptable.”

But Patricia (who we imagine is some long-lost relative of Vernon Dursley) was politely told to do one after her complaint was backed by less than six councillors on the planning committee.

The two-storey tree houses have a projected cost of £250,000 and will be built on stilts and feature secret tunnels and turreted roofs.

They’ll be linked by a rope bridge and have a trap-door, a fireman’s pole, spiral staircase and steel slide. Apparently there’s also a place for Owls to nest in, should the Potter author ever teach them to carry mail..

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