Joaquin Phoenix Up For Vampire Hunter?

phoenix210Since Joaquin Phoenix’s retirement was a hoax (with mixed success), he’s now getting back on the wagon of mainstream movies. According to Deadline, he’s been offered the role of Henry Sturgess, Abraham Lincoln’s tutor and mentor in the forthcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The titular part went to relative unknown Ben Walker last week after a massive amount of interest from a cornucopia of Hollywood acting talent.

But Sturgess is the other main anchor to the film – a vampire himself who meets the young Lincoln and instructs him in all he needs to know to dispatch creatures of the night. There’s no word on whether Phoenix is going to take the role, but apparently it’s there if he wants it.

What do you think? Is this the right movie for fuzz-faced Joaquin to get his career back on course or does this one belong dead?