Joe Carnahan Has A Death Wish

The Death Wish franchise which has laid dormant for so long may finally been thrown a lifeline in the shape of writer Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, The Grey).

Carnahan has been hired to write and direct a new take on Michael Winner’s 1974 video nasty.

Winner’s film saw Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey, a Taxi Driver type who goes a bit nuts with his gun when he finds his wife and daughter have been brutally attacked by a stranger. Criminal scum (and potentially innocent bystanders) beware, this man stalks the streets of New York taking out his victims without fear of consequences.

This highly influential gore-fest sparked a wave of on-screen copycats, including (sadly) its own set of sequel bloodbaths ending with Death Wish V: The Face Of Death.

MGM and Paramount now have the rights to the franchise and Carnahan is the man tasked with giving this rather tried format a noughties overhaul to be proud of.

No idea when this will be coming to a cinema near you yet, the man has only just been handed the clapperboard for heaven’s sake. But you can catch Carnahan’s most recent screenplay for wolf-based action thriller, The Grey, at cinemas everywhere with Liam Neeson heading the pack.