Joe Gilgun To Replace Nathan as Misfits Main Character

It’s been rather difficult to think who on earth could fill the whole caused by Nathan’s departure from Misfits, but today E4 bosses have officially announced Joe Gilgun as a new central character, Rudy, in the next series of the show.

Joe Gilgun is known for playing Eli Dingle in ITV’s Emmerdale as well as Woody in the award-winning film This Is England and the spin-off television drama This Is England ’86. Rudy will be character who has signed on to community service and has a secret superpower, alongside recurrent delinquents Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon. The programme, which started as a bit of a cult hit on E4, has now been extended to eight episodes for its third series.

But can Joe replace the magnetism of Robert Shennan, who has since leaving Misfits has gone to critical acclaim in the film Killing Bono? Time will tell, but it’ll be quite a whole to fill. Here’s some quotes from Nathan to show the type of characater that he’ll have to live up to..

Explaining his community service: “M?/ I was done for eating some pick’n’mix.”

After burying a body in a ditch: “I’m pretty sure this breaches the terms of my Asbo.”

Asked whether community service has changed him in any way: “I think I’m taller.”

Finding out he is immortal after he is buried by his friends: “I’ve got a power… I bloody knew it… Who’s laughing now? I’m alive… HELP! Wait…You buried me alive you dicks!”

There’s still time. Nathan’s last series in Misfits (Series 2) is currently being shown 11.05pm Tuesdays, on Channel 4.